Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pop Quiz Motherfuckers

In the interest of generating more comments on my blog I'm stealing an idea from Uncertain Principles. I'm going to list a whole bunch of song lyrics, and you guys are going to list the artist and song that they come from. And using a search engine is cheating!

First some easy ones that everyone should know to warm up:

  1. “Kicking squealing Gucci little piggy.”
  2. “Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed, and passed over.”
  3. “Now look at them yoyos, that's the way you do it.”
  4. “I write songs that always rhyme/ That's why I made this one rhyme.”
Now some harder ones:
  1. “Women seem wicked, when you're alone.”
  2. “Every leaf, every stone, every speck of dirt/ but where's my place?”
  3. “Your kiss goes everywhere/ touches everything, but for me.”
  4. “Look to the stars/ let hope burn in your eyes.”
  5. “Shall we buy a new guitar? Or drive a more powerful car?”
  6. “I've been baptised by a voice that/ speaks from deep beneath the clear blue water.”

And lastly a few that I'll be really impressed if anyone gets:

  1. “In this crowded place there is room to swing a cat, and not even hit a soul.”
  2. “Barbed and explicit, they are anchors/ weighing the measure of the stars.”
  3. “The white magic of the moon/ Is the black magic of the Earth.”
  4. “The rose is climbing over blind/ Because the sun is on the other side.”

Plus an extra for experts:

  1. “You will all be dead soon!”


Squirk said...

OK, I'm officially in a different musical sphere. Or I'm just not trying hard enough.

I couldn't even get all the easy ones that "everyone should know".

* Easy - 2/4
* Harder - 0/6
* Impressive: 0/4
* Bonus - 0/1
Total: 2/15

Your rating is: Dropout

Joel said...

Easy: 3/4
Harder: 0/6
Impressive: 2/4

I suck!

I'm hopeless at identifying lyrics without the music though. Play me two begining or chorus notes from a song though and I'll nail it ;P

In fact, maybe I'll blog that by linking 1.5 second song extracts!

Jon said...

A truly dismal effort, I am very disappointed. I'll post the answers in a day or two...

Skarnz said...


got 3/4
and 3/5

The others escape me.

I betting some of those last ones come from one or more of:

Skinny Puppy
The dillinger Escape plan
Something that involves Mike Patton...

Jon said...

3/5? You did OK on the music recognition but I think your maths needs improving...