Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Big News

Hola amigos. So I know it's been a long time since I've rapped at ya, but I've had a whole lot of crazy shit going on for the last week or so. Nevertheless I have been compelled to comment on the BIG IMPORTANT FUCKING NEWS of the week.

The new Tool album has a release date, a title, and a tracklisting. 10,000 Days will be out on May 2nd, and the tracklisting is up on their official site. It seems a little iffy to me though. There was a lot of speculation about the album title being fake, since it is a bit out of character when compared with their other titles (plus it sounds kind of similar to Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists), but I was prepared to take their word for it. However the tracklisting seems a bit more suspicious to me. Names like 'Wings for Marie' and 'The Pot' don't sound anything at all like 'normal' Tool titles. Blair (the guy who writes news posts on the Tool website) is swearing up and down that it's true, but he did that when he claimed that Maynard had found Jesus on April Fools' Day last year too.

(A little historical context: before Lateralus was released Tool sent a different tracklisting to MTV every day for a month. Plus, April Fools is coming up again...)

So I remain skeptical. But of course regardless of whether or not this is the real tracklist, the proof will be in the listening, which is still fifty odd days away...


Joel said...


Yes, those do sound like weird names for tool.

Jungle Rhino said...

Ariba Fiesta!

hehe, in other news dirty old Ryan scored a 19 year old last weekend.

Jon said...

Man I can't wait till I get to Australia. I think I must have scored all the 19 year olds here or something.