Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mogwai Live

Mogwai Fear Satan:


Yes, We Are A Long Way From Home:

It was good.


andrew brown said...

That's cool that you got to see them. I listened to them and I didn't really 'get' them, but I understand lots of people do, and it's always cool when people go to concerts and enjoy them!

Jon said...

Well they're not exactly easy listening... it certainly made for an interesting concert, very trippy.

Joel said...

Damn you and your ability to see cool concerts!

( I like Mogwai )

Jon said...

Yeah I thought you might be jealous! (I just piked on Sonic Youth tonight too.)

Joel said...

I would throw a tantrum but I have learnt that tantrums only work if your a kid (although even then I'd just get a hiding).

Instead I'll count to ten and then magically some new concert will come to Christchurch.

BTW - lots of NIN videos of small small performances, with the Bauhaus singer too.

Jon said...

That's why you need to move over here!