Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Via Making Light and Wired:

World Net Daily: Homosexuality is caused by soy milk.

In case that article disturbs you as much as it did me, here's something nice to distract you from right wing cranks.


Joel said...

Yeah, that article has been doing the rounds.

The fact that soy milk has estrogen-like compounds does have some effect on hormonal levels - but I think it is only a problem if you eat heaps.

The problem with the articles reasoning is that often gay males are strongly sexual, one might even say hypersexual. And what do we know that causes this? Testosterone.

IMHO, soy-milk is probably more likely to be the cause of emo. ;P

(I used to drink soy milk until a week ago, but it started making me feel nauseous so I switched to rice milk.)

Jungle Rhino said...


Well I think if anything positive can be gleaned from that article it is that:

'We now have scientific proof Jim Rutz is an idiot'

I love it when people justify a point by prefacing it with 'scientific studies have shown'

Not that I think Soy milk is great or anything, just that the arguments put forward in that article are so poorly reasoned it is truly mind boggling!!