Friday, March 02, 2007

The End(?)

A pall of smoke hangs over the once tranquil field. The ashes of the Wildebeest Asylum still hang in the air, drifting slowly to the ground. Those assembled hold their breath, the unspoken tension pregnant with the memory of what they had just witnessed; the death of a mighty blog, once first among it's peers, now brought down at what would appear to be the moment of it's triumph.

One by one the onlookers leave, hearts made heavy by what they had seen. But a glimmer of hope burned still, for all had heard the prophet's words:
"No man can say when the day will come. But all know within their deepest selves that it shall. On the day when the sun stands still, the dead walk once more and Jonathan gets internet access in his new flat, then the Wildebeest Asylum shall return, born anew as a phoenix from the ashes. Though the way may seem dark and troubled and some shall lose faith, believe that this most wonderous of blogs has not forgotten you, and will return in your hour of need."
Some dismissed the message as the senile ravings of an old man, but others kept the flame burning in their hearts. Patiently awaiting the day that a new post would appear.


Squirk said...

Who would have thought, in 2007, that so many flats and white people could be without Internet access?

I don't understand it at all!

Jungle Rhino said...

To use Australian terminology:

It is obviously due to the immigration of Lebanese builders who are using kitchen germs to make our children obese.

Ed said...

We want chilly-willy!

Skwid said...

Bah. Damn senile old man.

Andrew Brown said...