Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Profound Observation Of The Day

Foot fetishes are so common, but I've never heard of anyone with a hand fetish. That seems weird, surely it would be easier to sexualise hands than feet?


Joel said...

I think it's 'cause feet are often hidden in shoes. I reckon that if we all wore gloves hand fetishes would go up.

(I think you are just trying to get more weird traffic to your site ;P)

Jon said...

Perhaps... I'm not convinced though. Wouldn't that mean we'd also have knee fetishes and shoulder blade fetishes (watch out Barnes!).

Maybe the weird traffic will give me an indication of whether those fetishes exist!

Kayla said...

There are people with hand fetishes. I just found out that my bf has one. He likes that I have really long palms of all things.

Jon said...

That's good to know. A hand is a fine appendage and it deserves more attention.