Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Back

Cornelius J. Ferryweather III may have beaten me in the end (but only with the help of his team of black hearted rogues and their gigantic fog machine that bested me in the exotic port city of Dubai!) but the important thing is to reflect on the lessons that we learned along the way. The many uplifting and enlightening experiences that I had on my journey included:
  • Getting grifted by an Indian magician in Singapore airport.
  • Being woken up by soldiers armed with automatic rifles in Singapore airport.
  • Getting grifted by dodgy electronics salesmen in New York.
  • Getting lost in the projects on Staten Island.
  • Getting grifted by strippers in Times Square.
  • Getting detained by immigration in the UK.
  • Enduring the stunning ineptitude of the Emirates ground staff in London.
  • Sitting next to Mr. Elbows McCoughsalot for twelve hours flying from London to Singapore.

But I built a lot of character!

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