Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 Year End Roundup Addendum

Oh yeah I forgot one category:

Podcast Quote Of The Year:

“The pussycat dolls are in charge of their own sexuality only insofar as a cow is in charge of its own meat.”
- Penny Arcade

Runners Up:

“I fucked her mouth, I fucked her arse, I fucked every hole on her body and then I made some new holes and fucked them too. I fucked her tits and her ears and her nostrils. But I didn't fuck her vagina, so on our wedding night she'll still be puuuuuure and virginal.”
- Dan Savage

“Sure, if you have an addictive personality you can get addicted to anything, from jerking off to reading Tolkien”
“Or both at the same time.”
- Gamers With Jobs Conference Call

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