Monday, December 12, 2005

One for the Climbers

(via Google Video of the Day) This dude's dead now by the way.


Bob said...

Holy crap that's stupid. My hands are sweating like crazy just watching that!

I don't get climbers who go for stuff like that. They say they know their limits. But I find sure you find your limit, but you also become more aware of your failure rate. And .1% failures per climbs = chances in your lifetime (and you only get one).

Jon said...

Yeah sure they 'know their limits', everyone makes mistakes sometimes and that's why guys like that invariably end up dead.

Still I guess they know the risks and just don't care. Either that or they're incredibly stupid...

Joel said...

It's funny, climbing like that never killed him.

He started doing rope jumping (tieing a climbing rope to himself and jumping from a cliff).

All was fun and games until he tried to break the record, a > 1000ft drop. Unfortunately, he was buzzing too much on the way up to it and made a judgement error about one the knots (he jumped in a different direction to the build up jumps). Not to mention it was AT NIGHT.

Still, surprised that he lived way into his 30s.

Jon said...

I was under the impression that he died while climbing. Well anyway, I guess he died doing something stupid at least.