Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Tuesday Lessons

1) As God is my witness, I'll never do herbals again. And this time I mean it!

2) If you're ever lacking for female attention, try wearing big fluffy bunny ears into a feral metal bar.


Jeremy said...

Wat you do? BZP? I got seriously fucked up on that one night... My friend said "Don't worry, you can sleep on it." 8am the next morning I was still awake, hungover and just generally fucked up. The 'harder' drugs are softer compared to that shit... Anaway, good to hear you picked up wearing bunny ears, I'll keep that in mind next time I want to pick up here in Sydney. Lemme guess... she was attractive but annoyingly stupid after 1/2 hour of conversation? hmm... so when are you going to relive your 5th form year and buy the new Korn album for a review?

Jon said...

Yeah fucking BZP. It might be better for you in the long term but E fucks you up a lot less the next day.

New Korn album doesn't interest me so much, so the odds are I won't be getting it.

I didn't say I picked up wearing bunny ears, just that I got a lot of attention. Another thing about BZP, it reduces your libido a whole lot.