Thursday, September 28, 2006


I took the geek test too:

i am a total geek

I only got 34.51677% though.

Via Joel


andrew brown said...

7.88955 - Poser

Do I win?

Because I watch no TV and have no interest in Fantasy/Sci-Fi I think I lose out. I ticked yes for running Linux even though it's actually FreeBSD but that's possibly even worse.

Joel said...

Hey, I don't watch any TV either and I still got 40% :P

But yeah, no fantasy OR scifi would make it tricky to get far. I think what would've help Jon and me is all the roleplaying games we used to do (I always feel dodgy saying things like that, even though it is quite obvious we are talking about the D&D variety).

Jungle Rhino said...

I am a Total Geek also but at a mere 27%

Jon said...

Yeah I smoked through the fantasy/sci-fi section. Didn't do so well on the others though.

Skwid said...

Um...53.8 something. Super Geek.

And that test needs updating. Seriously.

Skarnz said...

16.96252% - Geek