Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random Shit

A fun flash game: Flow

Only on the internet: Lowtax gets the shit bashed out of him by Uwe Boll

Both via Penny Arcade


andrew brown said...

Is the Lowtax comment just for me? I didn't know anyone else knew who he was!


Anonymous said...

Jon, jump on ICQ you bastard, we need to catch up! :)

That or text me. 04 12342780


Jon said...

Something Awful isn't that obscure... I'm pretty sure most people who read this know who Lowtax is.

Skarnz said...


I dont :)

Oh, and hiya Ryan. /wave

andrew brown said...

Only if they're real nerds into nerd humour. I think you give other people too much credit.

Jon said...

I think you underestimate the nerd factor inherent in being on the internet in the first place.