Saturday, September 15, 2007


Over at Slacktivist Fred Clarke posts an alphabetical selection of tracks taken off his ipod every Friday. He invites the reader to compare their own itunes list, which I often do, even though my music collection bears almost no relation to his. Yesterday he did 'De...'. See his list here. Now look at an excerpt of mine:

  • De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - Mayhem
  • Dead Cats, Dead Rats - The Doors
  • Dead Friends (Around the Corner) - Einsturzende Neubauten (three versions!)
  • Dead Gardens - Nightwish
  • Dead Goon - Mr. Bungle
  • Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - The White Stripes
  • Dead Souls - Nine Inch Nails covering Joy Division
  • Dead Star (live) - Muse
  • Deaf as a Bat - The Jesus Lizard
  • Deanna - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • Death - Skinny Puppy
  • Death Dealer's Descent - Underworld Soundtrack
  • Death in the Family - Sparta
  • Death is not the End - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • Death King - Converge
  • The Death of Passion - Nevermore
  • Death Whispered a Lullaby - Opeth
  • Deathblow - Deftones
  • Debase (Soft Palate) - Aphex Twin remixing Mike Flowers Pops
  • Deceit - Suffocation
That's only half of my 'De...'s, the rest are not really interesting except to note that I have a lot of German songs ('Der ...'). That's 15 songs out of 4362 with titles that begin with the words 'Dead' or 'Death'. The search function tells me that I have 18 songs containing the word 'Dead' and 23 containing 'Death'.

Slightly worried about what this says about me, I tried 'Love' and got 77 matches. Phew! My music collection isn't as morbid as I feared!

'Sex' returns only 8 matches, including three versions of 'Robot Sex' by Mike Patton. 'Fuck' returns 13, including five versions of 'Starfuckers Inc.'.

Lastly, 'Life' returns 19 songs, but that includes 'In Death - Is Life' by Meshuggah. Not sure if that should count!


Joel said...

I would join in as well, but I have 414 songs beginning with "De..." and don't really know which to post - I'll be the first to admit this is ridiculous.

Dead - 317
Death - 291
Love - 1169
Sex - 221
Fuck - 116
Life - 444

I'm slightly mad - I never get to listen to all my music. I barely keep up with the music I DJ. If only I had more ears (or more-refined/less-eclectic tastes).

Jon said...

Jesus Joel! How much music do you have?

Joel said...

33509 songs = 4270 hours = 228.24 GB

and I have about 6 albums a month coming in through

One day I'm going to have to do a massive purge... but to tell the truth, most of it IS pretty good music otherwise I'd never have bothered "obtaining" it.

The exception being the pop directory which is there purely for parties and my secret-shameful amusement of listening to Madonna.