Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Musical Lists

By way of Slacktivist. These make good lazy weekend posts! This week it's 'everyone to everything':
  • Everyone Has a Summer - Lovage
  • Everyone I Went to High School With Is Dead - Mr. Bungle
  • Everything's Ruined - Faith No More
  • Everything Goes to Hell - Tom Waits
  • Everything I've Known - Korn
  • Everything in Its Right Place - Radiohead (three versions, and the first song in five weeks that's also on Fred Clark's list)
  • Everything Keeps Dissolving - Coil (two versions)
  • Everything Must Converge - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • Everything You Can Think - Tom Waits
And for the record: 'Heaven' - 9 songs. 'Hell' - 12 songs. I expected much more hell!
'God' - 27. 'Devil' - 9.

Edit: Was too lazy to spell people's names correctly.

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