Friday, October 12, 2007

1001 Albums – Number 11

Sabu – Palo Congo

After a solid diet of early rock and roll and jazz, we take a little diversion here into latin music, or more properly, Afro-Cuban music. While about half the tracks are upbeat, fun latin numbers, the rest are based around traditional African drumming with strange (to my ears), wordless vocals.

I actually really like this album. It has a truly alien sort of quality about it which I attribute to it's roots in genuine traditional African music, rather than the commodified tripe they call world music nowadays. The percussion is really impressive. Even those of us conditioned by prog metal drummers pushing the envelope in any way they can can't help but be drawn in by the pulsating polyrhythms on display here.

My favourite track is 'Choferito', which is one of the fun latin songs and which I love for it's kookily slurred vocal line.

Next up, Miles Davis.

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