Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Appointed Time Comes

The Axe Attack - New Zealand Metal Volume 1

I bought this compilation because it contains a single Cripple Mr Onion song, but I was hoping I'd find a few good tracks from bands I'd never heard of as well.

Barefoot Over Nails is the new Cripple song, and while the album version seems to lack a bit of the brutality compared to the way they play it live, it's still pretty cool. You can appreciate the more subtle aspects better when you're not being buffeted around in a moshpit.

As for the album as a whole, it was almost worth it for Barefoot alone. There are good tracks from Subtract and Chuganaut as well, but I already knew I liked those bands. There are a few others that seem interesting (New.Way.Home seem kinda cool), but unfortunately I'd have to say that 3/4 of the CD is competant but average, and one or two tracks are just rubbish (including Malevolence, (but unfortunately there's no Meatyard or Hatred)). Still, it's good to own this album in case I ever need an hour of noisy obnoxious death metal.

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Anonymous said...

Axe Attack Nationwide Tour
(Chuganaut, World War Four,
Subtract and Shakhan)
5th May - Altitude, Hamilton
6th May - Rose & Thorn, Te Awamutu
7th May - Brewers Bar, Mt Maunganui
8th May - O'Flahertys, Napier
13th May - Basement Bar, New Plymouth
14th May - Indigo, Wellington
17th May - Dux Delux, Queenstown
18th May - Globe-E, Invercargill
19th May - Re Fuel, Dunedin
20th May - Globe-E, Oamaru
21st May - Rocky Cola, Christchurch
26th May - London Shed, Auckland
27th May - Kings Arms, Auckland
28th May - Lincoln Green, Auckland