Friday, December 10, 2004

Drinks at Trent;'s House Again, I Suppose

So I was listening to the radio the other day, and they were giving away the new Perfect Circle DVD. The question you had to answer in order to win it was: "Which member of APC was recently spotted working in the studio with Nine Inch Nails". The answer turned out to be Jeordie White, but I could think of at least two other people who would be potentially correct answers.

See, I don't think it means much that such and such was spotted working with Trent Reznor, because I think Trent's studio is just where all those guys go when they've got nothing to do and they want to hang out.

You can imagine the scenario, Trent's lying on the coach playing Gamecube, and Jeordie walks in the door, "Hey man, what's up?". "Oh nothing, just working on the new NIN album." Trent replies, "We can go upstairs and record a few tracks later, if you can be bothered". Meanwhile Maynard's getting a beer from the fridge, he's been hanging out here a lot because the guys from Tool keep bugging him to come in and record some vocals for the new album. "I just told them I'm still touring with APC," he says, "I go home for a shave and a change of clothes every now and again, but mostly I just hang out here, I can't be bothered dealing with those guys at the moment."

So when the new NIN album finally comes out, I expect every man and his dog will be credited for something in the liner notes, but I don't think any of them will have actually done all that much.

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