Sunday, December 12, 2004

Big Day Out Final Announcement

They've made the final announcement for the big day out next year. Unlike my last two posts, I won't say something about each act because half of them I know nothing about and most of the other half are hip hop and dance groups I care nothing about. But as for the rest...

Crusty Demons: The obligatory bike stunt group.

Kid Koala: I think he's some kind of scratchy DJ guy. I might go and see him, since he was on the Lovage album with Mike Patton.

Evermore: A nice Coldplay-esque kiwi band. Their big single is alright, (if a little twee and girly) so I might go along to this one too.

8 Foot Sativa: [stupid munter bogan voice] 8 FOOT!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! DUHHHH!!!!!

Deja Voodoo: They were fucking awesome last year, in an unbelievably shit way, and I expect they will be the same this year.

The Have, Pitch Black, Chuganaut: All good kiwi bands that should be worth seeing too.

48 May: Must miss!

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