Saturday, October 21, 2006

Concert Clashes

January 24th:

January 25:
Big Day Out
Roger Waters

Does anyone have a cloning machine I can borrow?


Skarnz said...

Oooh. Tough ones..

I thinkI would do tool and roger waters. (but I can't remember anything thats happening at big day this year...)

Jon said...

Fair enough on the BDO ignorance seeing as you're on the far side of the world, but Tool and Muse are the headliners.

The decisions are no-brainers: Tool and BDO, but damn I'd like to be able to go to all four!

Jacob said...

I wonder if the same clash occurs at the Auckland BDO...

Jon said...

I doubt it... I don't think Waters is coming to NZ, but I think that Tool are announcing a solo show in Auckland sometime soon, so if Muse do the same there could be a clash.