Thursday, October 05, 2006

This Shit Really Fucks Me Off

By which I'm referring to this shit here.

John Howard is attempting to deflect attention from the fact that committing Australia to the war in Iraq was a stupid and ignorant blunder by attempting to stir up fear amongst conservative country folk about the evil cabal of liberal city dwellers who are going to surrender to Osama Bin Laden, turn your daughter into a lesbian and make you marry a dude.


andrew brown said...

Plus he's very anti-drugs. Stupid conservative Australia.

Joel said...

The liberals are worse than terrorists!

They'll want freedom and equality of people!

Shoot them!

Jungle Rhino said...

Yay lets ban books, oh oh no lets BURN them!! sound familiar??

Anyway, whether we like it or not the West ie. US needs to control the middle East to ensure stability of oil supplies so that we can make the leap to renewable energy sources. If the US pulls out and the West loses those oil resources I think we may be up shit creek.

I hope I'm wrong but that's the impression I get anyhow.

Jacob said...

Yes, those intellectuals clearly aren't smart, are they mister Howard?
What would they know? To question the right is anti-nationalistic and that's all there is to it. How can he say these sort of statements and get away with it?

Jon said...

Fortunately on the front page of the paper this morning was someone from his own party calling him an idiot. There may be a little bit of hope for this country yet.