Thursday, October 05, 2006

Worse Than John Howard

The second thing I've read to cause me to grind my teeth today.

I mean, Tool. There had better be something good on another stage when Tool are playing. Rarely has a band been better named than Tool. Lumbering, po-faced boys' music that lets squares kid themselves they're being edgy, that's what Tool is.

Okay, the Killers will be good, but Muse? Does anybody really like Muse? I seem to recall offering them some advice from the stands when they played in 2004: give up you pretentious bastards, or something of that order.

My Chemical Romance? Undeniably hot. The Violent Femmes? If it's to be rock reunions, I'll take the Lemonheads, thanks: that eponymous new album really is a beaut.

People who listen to My Chemical Romance deserve to be shot. End of story.


andrew brown said...

I heard "My Chemical Romance" was music written for homosexuals

Joel said...

What a big potato.

I mean, I was willing to at least hear out what they were saying about Tool (even though disagreeing) - but then they completely kill their credibility by gushing on My Chemical Romance.

andrew brown said...

The ONLY redeeming feature of My Chemical Romance is the name referencing drugs. But then again, they're not cool enough to pull it off.

Jungle Rhino said...

Hey this guy is too cool for Tool, remember he's "not exactly the target market" which I beleive is code for:

**I wear tight black jeans, chuck tailors and have a gay haircut**

Jacob said...

This guy has got it so wrong, it's funny.
..And I'm not talking about John Howard.

Jon said...

The worst thing is that today he'll be inundated with emails from the boneheaded masses that call themselves Tool fans, and it will only prove half of what he's saying to be correct.

And as for Jungle Rhino's assesment of Russell Brown's fashion sense, it's not quite correct. He's the boring middle aged guy who DJs music for the people in tight black jeans, chuck tailors and bad haircuts.

Skarnz said...

I think the most amusing thing here, is Joel calling that dude a 'Big potato'.


Bwahahah. nice :)

Joel said...

I am full of scathing witticisms. They just wriggle out of me, see! There goes one now!

Your pants look like a turkey.

...ahem. I think "My Chemical Romance" isn't even a drug reference. It is saying that love/romance is nothing but a chemical reaction, hence their angst.

And yes, there are many Tool munters it seems, which is a shame. When I make music I'm going to include subliminal messages that make munters spontaneously combust.

Jon said...

I agree. Big potato is probably the most appropriate description for him.