Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Are made to be broken. I only had two and the first one was "drink more moderately".

I acquitted myself very nicely on Friday up in Brisbane, achieving only a responsibly pleasant level of drunkenness before calling it a night at 4am.

Flash forward 24 hours, and I am throwing up in the toilets of a club in Kings Cross before returning to the bar, sculling the rest of my beer and buying another sambuka shot to mask the smell of vomit on my breath. At least I retained the presence of mind to stay out of the strip clubs this time but it wasn't the finest hour for my new year resolution.


Mr B said...

wasn't me

Jon said...

Of course not. The guy who was handing me another shot of some god awful concoction every time I turned around had nothing to do with me getting drunk.

Skarnz said...

Bwahaha. Nice job everyone concerned

Jon said...

This weekend will be completely responsible. I'm sure of it.