Friday, January 12, 2007

Wildebeest Asylum User Feedback Time

On account of Jungle Rhino's wrongheaded and unfathomable comment to the previous post:
Oh come on she's not that hot. Now if Natalie Portman goes and gets married before becoming washed up and posing for Playboy - that would be a true tragedy...
I have created a completely unbiased poll to prove that he's nuts.

Reference photos:

Natalie Portman:

Amy Lee:

Take care to examine the reference pictures carefully and make your decision.

Natalie Portman

Amy Lee


andrew brown said...

Well based on those pictures Amy Lee looks way nicer, but in reality, Natalie Portman is waaay hotter plus Amy Lee has a strange taste in music. I have to say I don't care much for either of her albums

Jacob said...

Your photos show your bias a bit too much! That's the worst photo I've seen of Natalie Portman.

Jungle Rhino said...

Well that is perhaps the worst photo of Natalie I've ever seen...

Actually it makes her look kind of like Angelina Jolie - which is not a bad thing ;)

btw. did you airbrush Amy yourself or did it come like that :P

Jon said...

Your insinuations that my poll could be biased are completely absurd.