Monday, October 24, 2005

Lucifer: The Divine Comedy

by Mike Carey

I just finished part four of the Lucifer series. There's not much more to say about it than what I said about the earlier entries, as we're now in the middle of a pretty tight plot. I will say that it's the best of the four I've read so far, the larger direction of the plot becomes more cohesive and lots of interesting twists were introduced, while other threads were satisfactorily resolved.

I appreciated some of the art a bit more this time around too. I liked the way that the Basanos (an animated deck of Tarot cards) were washed out and in a different style to the rest of the art, emphasising their otherwordliness. The writer and artists also did a really awesome job of rendering God, who we see for the first time in this collection.

The last issue in the collection is a real classic. It's a one off not tightly related to the main story arc, but it's absolutely hilarious. Two fallen cherubs attempt to sneak into the House of the Sleeper (“Huh? What? Is it the end of the world already?”) to retrieve a magic artifact.

“We need a thousand miles long gossamer rope, a pregnant akbitur and the oil of the Amaranthine Xar. To go.”

“Hey, are you sure that Akbitur is pregnant?”

“Well, she's knitting little woolen booties. And last night she was looking at a book of baby names.”

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