Thursday, October 13, 2005

Obnoxious Link of the Day

Via Arts and Letters: The point of this article about why the Greeks were better than the Maya is valid, but I find the author's tone rather obnoxious. In particular, this sentence describing the Maya makes me shake my head in disappointment at just how many of their good qualities he has turned a blind eye to:
"[...] murderous and predatory chieftains with little but power, conquest, self-glorification, enslavement, and killing and torture on their minds. Yes: they wore spectacular feather head-dresses. Yes: they built sky-high piles of masonry. But their hands dripped blood—incessantly."
The next big thing: Pirate vs. Ninja vs. Mayans. Now that's what I call REAL ULTIMATE POWER!
“Captives were tortured in unpleasant ways depicted clearly on the monuments and murals (such as yanking fingers out of sockets, pulling out teeth, cutting off the lower jaw, trimming of the lips and fingertips, pulling out the fingernails, and driving a pin through the lips), culminating, sometimes years later, in the sacrifice of the captive in other equally unpleasant ways such as tying the captive up into a ball by binding the arms and legs together, then rolling the balled-up captive down the steep stone staircase of a temple.”

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