Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm Listening To The Wrong Genre

This is a bit mean of me but:

First three results when you search by interest on hotornot.com for 'metal':

Contrast with 'hardcore':

Expect more Converge and less Cryptopsy in the future.


Jungle Rhino said...

hahahahahhaha nice.

btw, if you like hardcore music don't bother searching google for it..

andrew brown said...

To be honest, if you're basing your likes from the subjective attractiveness of the fans of the style/genre/band, I would have guessed you'd be a big fan of The Wiggles

Jon said...

Good thinking Brown. All those hot single moms... or is that not what you meant?

At any rate I feel that The Wiggles peaked with 'Hot Potato', ever since then everything they've done just sounds like they're trying to make Big Red Car II.