Thursday, November 02, 2006

Random Search Phrases

People have used the following terms to get to my blog:

"balding retaining widow's peak"
"wildebeest catfight artist"
"is there a song called stuck in your eyes?"
"you're still alive of course i'm alive no one can defeat me"
"the great singer jhon cash"
"chloroformed sleep video"
"falling out of my top"
"starfuckers britney comic"
"tequila and gatorade"
"good old fucking"
"buffy his sex slave"

and one that makes me feel this whole blog thing is worthwhile:

"midnight tides review steven erikson capitalism"

...possibly the first searcher who has found exactly what they were looking for (and it wasn't something dirty or inane).

N.B. forgive typos. Been speed dating. Very drunk.


Skarnz said...

Woo! Speed dating. Sounds fun.

someone should try and alternative, where everyone has to take speed first, THEN do it.

Would be great.

Anyway, I want to get in on this 'what did people search to get my blog' thing, but I'm not sure I have the stuf sorted right.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Anonymous said...

You know by posting these terms you reinforce more bizzare searches coming your way... clever!

Anonymous said...

skarnz: I'm not sure how Jon does it, although he did enlighten me once. Personally I use

I think that the other opposite of speed dating should be where you eat lots of dates.

Jon said...

I use, but there are a lot of other options.

And Bob, my aim is to one day be the number one search result for 'chloroform videos'.

Anonymous said...

What's that you say Jon?

[Sexy] chloroform videos?

Strange things are on the interweb.

(Chloroform Videos AND Movies)

You asked for it :P

Jon said...

Thanks for the sexy chloroform videos contribution Joel