Thursday, November 30, 2006

Something Awful

...used to kind of annoy me with its snide sarcasm but I have to admit they come up with some pretty funny shit. I was especially amused by their obnoxious antics on Second Life, the September 11th recreation is particularly good.


andrew brown said...

I used to read the front page of SA every single day back when I discovered it in 2003, and then I joined their forums, I don't read the front page so much anymore, it's still funny, it's just I've read so much of it. I still spend 90% of the time I am on the internet on the SA forums though..

Joel said...

I actually started playing second-life briefly, but the lag was just too bad. The graphics were average, and not much was going on but the display just was so jerky.

Maybe this was the ping or something, but real programmers could interpolate smoothness from ping updates.