Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Argh! My Ears!

For centuries philosophers have pondered the age old question: are Korn a good band with a few crappy albums, or a shit band who somehow manage to crank out a decent tune occasionally. With the release of their new unplugged album, the band themselves have sent a clear message that it is the latter. Watch the trailer, if you dare:

Poor old JD seems to have no idea as to how to sing his songs rather than scream them, so while his compatriots sensitively plunk away on their acoustic guitars he yells out the words in much the same way as as when he's backed by a big noisy nu-metal band. However things don't get really bad until they pull out the guest stars: fellow has-been Robert Smith and Amy "It's just as well I look good" Lee. Listening to Lee and Davis try and out emote one another with no regard for cohesion or even being in tune is more than a little dismaying. Way to make me that much more embarrassed to say I listen to either of your bands guys.


Andrew Brown said...

It's pretty whack alright!

I used to like JD's singing for some reason, I thought he was really talented, I don't really think that anymore. Phil Anselmo is where it's at.

Jon said...

I still think JD's singing has its good qualities. He just has no idea how to sing to an acoustic song or in tune with someone else. Phil Anselmo is cool, but Mikael Akerfeldt is where it's at...