Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Just Want To Go Blind

Converge – No Heroes

As previously reported, Converge are pretty fucking awesome. In anticipation of their concert next month I've bought their most recent album No Heroes. It's mostly similar in style to Jane Doe, fast, angry and brutal, with some of the most hair raisingly intense vocals I've ever heard (seriously, how can this guy still talk?!), but there is a little more variation in tone and mood here, even stretching to the point of including a ballad or two (with a different vocalist mind you).

Most of the songs are quick one or two minute blasts so intense and both rhythmically and tonally fucked up so that your brain barely has time to say 'What the fuck was that?' before it's on to the next one. The exception being the ten minute centrepiece of the album 'Grim Heart / Black Rose', which starts out as a sad, relatively gentle ballad and ends with an almighty build up to a good, hard, solid rock out, featuring some virtuoso drumming.

Unfortunately while No Heroes is much slicker in terms of production and a bit more sophisticated in composition it just doesn't quite match the intensity of Jane Doe. Still it's no disappointment and the new tracks will hopefully go down a treat live.

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