Wednesday, February 28, 2007

There Was A Great Earthquake, And The Sun Became Black

Satyricon – Nemesis Divina

One last Satyricon album before I put them out of mind forever. Nemesis Divina is probably the most enjoyable out of the three albums of theirs I've been listening to. Faint praise but praise nonetheless. Nemesis Divina does not differ in style much at all from their earlier albums but it is a bit more professional in terms of both production and has some catchiness and life to it, capturing a sliver of Emperor-esque awesomeness. It also contains theit most popular song, 'Mother North', and my personal favourite Satyricon track 'Du Som Hater Gud', which gets the award because of it's brilliantly cheesy piano outro.

The album as a whole is still not terribly exciting however. Ideally you should listen to Emperor or even better Mayhem but if I were stuck on a desert island with only one black metal album and it was Nemesis Divina, I'd at least be glad it wasn't one of their other albums or god forbid, Cradle of Filth.

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