Saturday, May 12, 2007

Five Possible Reasons Why Nine Inch Nails Cancelled Two Of Their Sydney Shows

  1. Trent fell off the wagon.
  2. Josh fell off a literal wagon and broke his arm.
  3. Government agents broke into Trent's hotel room, kidnapped him and shipped him off to a concentration camp in Guam.
  4. It's part of an elaborate practical joke that Trent and Thom Yorke are playing on Bex.
  5. The crushing disappointment of having a concert cancelled on you mere hours before the event is all just part of the Year Zero experience.


Sexistential said...

Isn't it sad that when a show is cancelled you automatically think it's that darn wagon problem? Especially when TR posts it's because he's too sick (during some Canadian dates last year). I like the Year Zero idea though. It just fits in sooooooo nicely.

Jon said...

Well I don't actually think that Trent has fallen off the wagon (any more than I think he's been shipped off to Guam).

P.S. This was the 666th post to the Wildebeest Asylum. Hail Satan!