Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lost Season 3

Like many I was very disappointed by the tedious wheelspinning of last year's Lost. However the final few episodes were really quite good and hooked me in enough to give it another chance. As it happened the first batch of episodes from season 3 stank so bad that they could smell it on Doctor Who. When the series went into hiatus following the sixth episode, I declared that I was through with the show and was never coming back.

However a chance comment from my sister convinced me to give it a try when the series restarted, and thank god I did. It continued to get better and better as the year wore on, and ended last week in a stunning climax that was brilliantly done even by the high standards of the last two season's cliffhangers.

Some people have been complaining that they're still introducing too many new mysteries, but by my counting there's only one major new one this year (Jacob), and they actually closed off a few of the minor ones towards the end too. They've now officially announced that there will be three more seasons before the show ends, so there's still plenty of time for them to wrap it all up nicely. Or fuck it up totally. Time will tell.

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