Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wildebeest Asylum Birthday Extravaganza!

Today is the third birthday of the Wildebeest Asylum! A blog's birthday is a special occasion deserving of celebration, and I've never said anything different.

Lets take a walk through memory lane and share some of the special times we've had here since that fateful day in August 2004.

Greatest Hits

I trawled through the archives and retrieved a few of my personal favourite posts:
  • My Sonic the Hedgehog post was pretty much bullshit as a review, but it made me laugh.
  • I prefer to leave political coverage to those more angry and self righteous than me, but I do indulge in it occasionally. My rant from the 2005 election is one of the better posts here on the subject.
  • My Calvin and Hobbes review was popular too. With a record number of compliments in the comments section!
  • It wouldn't be a proper retrospective if I didn't mention Buffy, the season seven posts are probably the best.
  • I used a review of the new Muse and Thom Yorke albums as an excuse to make fun of hipsters.
  • I really fucking hate Dragonforce.
Nine Inch Nails

I wrote a trio of posts about Nine Inch Nails earlier this year and I think they're probably the best things I've written here:

It wouldn't be a proper retrospective if I didn't mention Tool either.
  • I saw them live twice this year.
  • My 10,000 Days review garnered a record seventeen comments.
I Lol'd

It's poor form to laugh at your own jokes but I honestly laughed out loud at a few of the posts I came across in the archives:
  • I've tried my hand at parody a few times and Metal Cop Outrage was easily the best attempt.
  • It's funny because it's true: Conversations with Drunk Women
  • “[...]if I were to give an interpretive dance performance to demostrate my opinion of Killswitch Engage, it would involve me vomiting on a pile of my own faeces and then wiping it all over my face[...]"
  • "'So this is what it has come to.' I thought to myself, 'One of the meanest fucking death metal bands in Australia literally reduced to playing for a handful of fifteen year old girls.'”
  • "They also had hot girls in sexy black outfits dancing on stage and throwing giant black beach balls into the crowd. Believe it or not this is actually pretty typical for what passes as goth culture in Australia."
  • “At the beginning of the year, it looked like the album might be out soon. Every week or so Trent would post a picture to of the three of them working in the studio, or a blurred out tracklisting, or Trents dog."
  • “Notice also the rubbish tin stuck to the side of the kit. That's for beating with a baseball bat, or alternatively, one's head."
  • “[...]it turns out to all be about believing in yourself and perservering through hardship. Surely there's room for just one song about a demon that wants to eat your soul?"
  • "If Nietzsche was alive today, I think he'd make a good rapper."
  • "Sweet! The girls boyfriend just got eaten by a rubbish bin, and replaced with a mannequin! This is more like the Dr. Who I remember!"
  • "Now it's the news (the real news). Apparentely it's raining. Thanks Prime News!"
  • “[...]sandwiched between Mariah fucking Carey and Bono's Generically Uplifting Happy Clappy Band"
  • “Crazy old people in the moshpit: Drunk, high on P or just plain mental? Modern science remains uncertain.”
  • "Whoa there Jon, I'm the 'Don't Take Too Many Drugs, Dance Around Like A Gimp All Night, Make A Total Idiot Of Yourself And Then Lie In Bed All The Next Day Wishing You Were Dead Panda', and I've got a song to sing to you called 'Don't Take That Second Pill'"
  • "Afterwards the Brain Eater sat weeping, knowing that it had become an addict but unable to ask for help, having driven all its friends and family away by being emotionally unavailable. Don't be like the Brain Eater. If you or someone you know has an unquenchable desire for human brains, act now."
  • "Apparently being a cop (A commando cop! Called John Blade!) in the future means that you drive around looking for suspected drug dealers, and whether they're in a warehouse, a cargo ship, or a big office building, you kick down the door and blow everyone inside to fucking pieces."
  • "It was good to see the Wellington ten year old community getting in to the hardish stuff."

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