Saturday, September 18, 2004

Music! White Rabbit! 2

I lasted under 24 hours in Auckland before succumbing to the lure and visiting Real Groovy. Fortunately I managed to keep my purchases to a mere $40.

The Best of Jefferson Airplane: Somebody to Love

The only Jefferson Airplane song I knew before I got this album was White Rabbit, but listening to it made me realise that I actually like all this 60s folk rock. So I bought this album, and it's not too bad. The slower songs tend to bore me somewhat, but the faster more upbeat songs are all pretty good. I especially like 'Somebody to Love' and 'Today'.

My Iron Lung – Radiohead

Believe it or not, my Radiohead collection is nowhere near complete, so I grabbed this one because it was cheap, and because it had a nice acoustic version of 'Creep' on it. The rest of the album is all very good, basically just a lot of Bends era b-sides. The only thing wrong with it is that the songs are a bit samey, but seeing as the album is less than 40 minutes long, this doesn't bother me much. Favorite songs are the aforementioned 'Creep' and 'The Trickster'.

Random notes:

I couldn't find the new Dr. Kevorkian album there, damn their eyes. I'll have to go on a mission here, where I know the record stores like the back of my hand, next weekend.

New Rammstein album out in a week or so. I'll have to get that too. Damn you, credit card debt!

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