Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Village

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

I saw this movie on Friday night. While it was a reasonably agreeable way to spend the evening, I would probably have preferred to see something else. Not that it was a bad movie, it was well directed, had an original and engaging style and was quite suspenseful at times. But on the other hand the plot was very predictable, and at the end it came down with a bad case of Spielberg-itis.

Spielberg-itis is when a movie thinks it's much better than it actually is, and starts pulling out the ultra-cheesy swelling orchestral soundtrack, dialogue-free scenes of the protagonist running/walking/flying where ever (possibly in slow motion), and general all round pretentiousness. I find it especially grating when it only happens at the climax of an otherwise good film (see also Saving Private Ryan).

This is only the second of Shyamalan's films that I've seen (the other was The Sixth Sense), and in both cases I guessed what the big twist was going to be ten minutes into the movie. This inevitably makes it a bit of a disappointment when the twist is revealed, so that probably contributed to my dislike of the last part of the film.

Having said all that, I enjoyed most of the movie, and I don't regret seeing it at all.

Now Jon is very tired and needs to go to bed...

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