Monday, September 27, 2004

A Perfect Circle

APC have a covers album called eMotive coming out on November 2, coincidentally the day of the presidential elections. I have to admit that I was skeptical about them doing a political album, I was afraid it would turn out to be incredibly shrill (not that I think there's anything wrong with being shrill about old GWB, but generally it doesn't make good music). But I just listened to their version of John Lennon's Imagine on their website, and it's pretty good.

OK, now I just saw the video for 'Count the Bodies Like Sheep', an original song (actually just a remix of 'Pet', from their last album) from the new album, and it's crap. Pet is an excellent song, I wish they hadn't touched it. The video isn't very good either, they don't like George Bush, no kidding. Six minutes of caricaturing him makes a pretty dull video when none of it is insightful or entertaining.

But you know I'll buy it the day it comes out anyway.

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