Monday, October 11, 2004


Directed by James Cameron

Watching Alien vs. Predator made me want to watch an Alien movie that was actually good. Aliens is pretty much the perfect action movie. There are no stupid plot holes, it's original in terms of both story and direction (despite being a sequel) and the action scenes fit into the overall story. The only other action movie I've seen in recent years that got all these things right was X-men 2, and it still didn't work nearly as well as Aliens.

If they remade this movie now, the stupid movie execs would probably insert a lame romance subplot, replace the soundtrack with soft cock metal songs by Seether and Puddle of Mud, and make all the action scenes full of frenetic jump cutting so you couldn't tell what was going on. (Speaking of the soundtrack, it's mostly servicable yet forgettable, but I really like the opening theme (which I think is based on the one from the first movie.))

Unfortunately, unlike Armies of Darkness, this movie doesn't get better the more you drink. It's still pretty good though, even if you have to take a huge pee near the end and miss most of the climactic battle.

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