Saturday, October 30, 2004

Mosh - The New Eminem Video

Paul Musgrave loves it!

The Pink Bunny of Battle loves it!

Boing Boing loves it!

Scott Spiegelberg loves it!

A bunch of other blogs love it but I can't find the links!

I watched the video and I don't think it's anything special. While Eminem shows admirable passion, it seems to me that the only people who it would really appeal to are unfunky middle aged white guys who are excited about Getting Out The Youth Vote!

Personally I'm very dissapointed that, while the Clinton era produced Rage against the Machine and System of a Down, in the lead up to this dramatic 'mediocre vs evil' election showdown, the best protest song has been made by Eminem.

I've already expressed my dissapointment with APCs effort. And while NIN and System would almost certainly have released some solid contenders, they haven't gotten their shit together in time to release an album this year.

So in the meantime we're stuck with Eminem. For shame, mainstream metal. For shame.

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