Thursday, October 28, 2004

Nancy Drew

I was thinking today about those Famous Five books I used to read when I was a little kid, and how if Enid Blyton died today the publishers would probably put out a Famous Five Xtreme series. Then I remembered that they did exactly that with the Hardy Boys. I can't remember what the series was called, but the Hardy Boys were a little bit older and the typical plot was something like 'The Hardy Boys save a plane from terrorist hijackers', or 'The Hardy Boys are trapped on an island where crazed mercenaries hunt the Ultimate Game'. Some of them probably had dinosaurs in them.

Then I naturally started thinking I wonder if they ever made Nancy Drew Xtreme Edition. 'Nancy Drew must go undercover as a high class call girl to expose a sex slavery ring...'

Actually, forget you read that.

Go read the Onion instead.

"Countdown to the Recount 2004"
-Polls show Supreme Court split 5-4: A closer look at the swing justices.
-Your dead relatives, how they'll vote and why.

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