Sunday, October 10, 2004

Big Day Out 2005

I think I anticipate the BDO lineup announcements almost as much as the actual event. I always know who I think should be coming, and of course I'm inevitably dissapointed. Lets go through the first announcement one band at a time, shall we?

Beastie Boys: This should be pretty cool. I'm not their hugest fan, but I like them, and they'll probably put on an awesome show.

System of a Down: Saw them in 2002 and they were fucking awesome. They even covered Pink Floyd. I'd go just to see these guys again.

Chemical Brothers: I always liked the chemical brothers, until I saw them at the big day out in 2000. Shittest live show ever. I'm not kidding (well maybe better than the covers band we saw in Methven the other weekend, and maybe better than some of the bands I've seen at battle of the bands and stuff like that. But easily the worst of any real band I've ever seen).

The Music: I saw these guys in 2003 I think. Can't remember a damn thing about them.

The Streets: Crap.

The Donnas: Shite.

Freestylers: Bollucks.

Powderfinger: Fuck off.

Grinspoon: Boring.

John Butler Trio: Their single's kind of catchy. Not sure if I really like it though.

Concord Dawn: I like these guys, they might get me into the dance tent for a little while.

Misfits of Science: More shite.

The Bleeders: I used to like these guys, until my sister told me how her friend slagged them off on an internet message board, and they tracked him down and kicked the shit out of him. Kicking the shit out of people is punk, but internet stalking is not.

Trinity Roots: Lame.

D4: I'll probably see them and think it was the Datsuns.

Steriogram: They're shite too.

Shihad: Depends what their new albums like, and how much old stuff they play. We'll see...

So as you can probably tell, I'm really looking forward to it.

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