Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Jeremy vs. the World, pt 2

[Jeremy says the USD will become worthless pretty soon. Weimer Republic styles.]
Keep the USD high, make sure everything happens in slow mo, how? by stopping others from getting out of the USD, like Iraq for instance... then once *your* money is out, to hell with it!
So you're saying that the US invaded Iraq to keep Iraq's oil money invested in dollars? I see two problems with this, 1) It implies that the Bush administration is farsighted enough to see this economic singularity event on the horizon, while other well informed economists have no idea. Based on Bush & Co's track record on economic issues, I find this a bit of a stretch. 2) It implies that the Bush administration knows what they're doing and has a secret cohesive economic and foriegn policy. They've shown no evidence of having a cohesive public policy, let alone a secret one.
I also found another conspiracy site that claims a plane crashed into the pentagon despite absolutely no evidence to back this up... The whole wacky conspiracy faux-character-assasination thing is a bit tired, any claims for a particular event occuring must be backed by evidence, no evidence, no truth.
Other than that there was a big bloody hole in the side of the building, the same day two planes crashed into the WTC, (and two other planes were hijacked, only one of which showed up anywhere else).

As for the conspiracy theorist bit, you say that no plane crashed into the Pentagon, that's a theory. The news media and the US government contradict your theory, plus you also have to explain where an entire 757 dissapeared to, therefore your theory requires a conspiracy. Hence conspiracy theorist...

[Referring to the story that a sarin bomb was found in Iraq in May]
The news media would be all over this if it were Sarin,
Yeah, I agree that the fact there was no follow up to this story means that it may well have been misreported (it does come from Fox after all), but I maintain that sarin gas would not have been too complicated to produce, for terrorist groups or for Saddam.
"According to this report, Iraq could have produced the mustard and tabun chemicals on it's own."

From US supplied pre-cursors...
You can make mustard gas in your garage if you want, tabun is harder but still well within the capabilities of even the smallest crazy dictator state, there's no need to assume another country (the USSR was blamed at the time) helped them make it. Hell, I don't think either of those chemicals even have precursors. Tabun is the first in the G-series of chemical weapons (which includes sarin). They were both some of the first chemical weapons made (by the Germans during the world wars).

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