Thursday, November 04, 2004


I didn't expect the result of the presidential election to affect me much, but it's really put me in a very bad mood all day. I think the USA is in for a pretty bad four years, to tell the truth. Jeremy's predictions of an impending economic disaster are being echoed in various places and I'm starting to concur myself. Lets not even get started on the civil liberties and foreign policy stuff. It almost feels like I'm watching the start of the decline of the American empire.

And I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords! I have no doubt that they will run the world much better than the Americans ever did. Imagine how easily Iraq could have been sorted out by a superpower with a total disregard for human rights and an army of giant robot soldiers imported from Japan. In fact, in the new global order pop culture will be dominated by Japan. Think about it, no more stupid American sitcoms and lame teenybopper pop music! The most popular TV shows will be anime, like Pokemon and the new Transformers, and all the girls will wear schoolgirl uniforms. I can't wait!

OK, I'll go take my pills now.

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