Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Minor Fall and the Major Lift

Grace - Jeff Buckley, 10th anniversary edition

So for many years I've heard a lot about Jeff Buckley, but I always just wrote him off as 'some indie rock dude' until I heard the new single 'Forget Her' on the radio. It's pretty cool, so I bought the album, and while it's not really my sort of thing, I quite like it.

The album came out at the height of the grunge era, but it doesn't really fit in with most other big albums of the time, while there are some heavy Nirvana-esque tracks, a lot of the songs are very blues or country. In fact, part of Buckley's lasting appeal probably comes from the way he wrote so well in so many different genres. My favorite track has to be 'Dream Brother', a dreamy but memorable album closer a bit in the vein of OK-Computer.

The bonus disk is pretty good too, but not quite up to the standard of the original. It contains 'Forget Her', as well as two new versions of 'Dream Brother'. There are a few country and blues covers which tend to bore me a bit, but it also contains Kanga-Roo, which is 4 minutes of song followed by 10 minutes of badass drum solo.

All in all, recommended if you like a bit of loosely defined indie rock.

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