Monday, November 15, 2004


By A Perfect Circle

Well I've wanked on about this album a bit before, and now it's finally come out.

My overall verdict is 'pretty damn good for a covers album'. There's a few filler songs on there, but even they are worth listening too. Most of the tracks are incredibly mellow. I've mentioned 'Imagine' previously, but there's also an incredibly laid back, almost ambient version of 'What's Going On' (by Marvin Gaye), which is very pretty, and 'When the Levee Breaks' (traditional, apparently, but covered earlier by Led Zeppelin) with pianos and floaty far-away vocals.

The heavier songs are all in the middle of the album, I've already talked about 'Passive', which still kicks arse, and 'Counting Bodies Like Sheep', which I previously didn't like, but have now revised my opinion of. What came across as a crappy uninspired remix over the radio or streamed off the net sounds a whole lot better when played on a decent stereo which can reproduce the more fucked up crazy aspects.

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