Friday, September 02, 2005

Five Things I Learned From Watching Sin City

1. You can get shot several times from a pistol and not only still be alive, but ready to kick some arse.
  1. You can get riddled with bullets from a machine gun at close range, but still be alive because it wasn't a head shot.

  1. You can get shot several times and still have energy to beat up a few cops, be in a high speed car chase and swim through the sewers for a while.

  1. If you're really tough, after that you can get run over a couple of times and still be walking.

  1. And if you're really really tough, you can also take a full swing to the head with a sledgehammer and be fine.

But despite the ridiculous parts, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, mainly because of the style which emulates the comic almost exactly while also improving on it (with the splashes of colour and the way it perfectly reproduced scenes from the book in live action). On the other hand it's let down a bit by copying exactly the comic's dialogue and voiceovers, which sound good on paper but seem pretty cheesy when delivered in live action by Bruce Willis.

Well worth watching though, for a mindless but slick thrill, even if you haven't read the books.

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