Wednesday, September 21, 2005

She'll Come Back as Fire, and Burn all the Liars

Nirvana – In Utero

Quite easily my favourite Nirvana album, but for some reason the last one I've gotten around to buying. Their earlier messiness has given way to some more gentle songs, such as All Apologies and the ever popular Heart Shaped Box*, making it easier to appreciate Kurt's songwriting ability. Even the mental thrashy songs like Very Ape and tourette's have a more upbeat vibe than similar songs on their previous releases, they're more sardonic than angry. In fact, after listening to it it's strange to think that Kurt was going to kill himself.

The reason I like this album the best is probably the juxtaposition of messy and accessible songs, as I found Bleach for example less enjoyable because it's one big mess from beginning to end.

One of the aspects of Nirvana that is usually overlooked in my opinion is the lyrics (probably because they're mostly incomprehensible), but Kurt had real skill at stringing together meaningless phrases in a way that made them meaningful. No one knows what the fuck a 'scentless apprentice' really is, but it sure brings some interesting imagery to mind.

* Random memory associated forever with this song: Some girl ringing up the radio and going on a passionate, (but totally justified) rant about how it (Heart Shaped Box) was only so popular because everyone assumes it's a love song when really it's quite the opposite.

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