Monday, September 19, 2005

Post Election Special: This Will Be The Only One, I Promise

So despite everything I said, I caved at the last minute and voted for Labour. I couldn't keep honestly telling myself that I didn't care whether National or Labour won.

A few notes on the result:

  • Damn, I should have put money on it. My predictions would have been almost bang on. The only thing I was wrong about was thinking (hoping) that NZFirst wouldn't make 5%.
  • I was right about Winston losing Tauranga, which is kind of good, but not so great for Tauranga who have valiantly voted for another brainless idiot and still not managed to excise Winston from parliament.
  • I was right about Rodney winning Epsom, which is good too (although I wasn't so sure I wanted him to win when the result was still in the balance). I'm glad that ACT are still around, and it's also nice to see that they've shed a few of their more nutso MPs.
  • In the end I am not so glad that Labour won as I am that National lost. I've enjoyed having a good gloat at the expense of the smug right wing bloggers.
  • What's this bullshit the media has started about a 'divided nation'? So the election was close. Every election is close (OK, except for the last one). The fucking media are just too stupid to do their own analysis and instead just take whatever the US news is talking about and try to make it apply to this country instead.

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