Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In Which I Find Out That I Am A Demographic

Ever hear of 'lad-lit' (chick-lit's opposing member).

Goddamn it! This is me!
"I may be 30, but I act 15. I am adrift in New York. I'm too clever by half for my own good. I live on puns and snide, sarcastic asides. I don't look too deeply into myself or anyone else — everyone else is boring or a phony anyway. I may be a New Yorker, but I am not in therapy. I have a boring job, for which I am overeducated and underqualified, but I lack the ambition to commit to a serious career. (Usually I have family money.) I hang out with my equally disconnected friends in many of the city's bars. I drink a lot, take recreational drugs, don't care about much except being clever. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and while I am eager to have sex, which I do often given the zillions of available women in New York, the sex is not especially fulfilling, and emotions rarely enter the picture. I am deeply shallow. And I know it."
Emphasis added. The sentence about sex doesn't apply so much but hey, I'm in Hamilton, not New York. I'd like to think that I'm not deeply shallow either.

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