Friday, May 19, 2006

News Flash

Myspace is full of idiots.


andrew brown said...

the something awful forums CONSTANTLY has a thread going mocking myspace here's number 5 (the current one)

Jon said...

In a similar vein, Ruthless Forums have a ( and myspace's demented offspring) thread. Highlight is probably the first post on this page.

Joel said...

omg thanks for the add!!!!11!!
your so hot

Joel said...

reading the threads, they don't seem to mock myspace or - just individual people's photos. which is half the problem in this world.

ironically, i'd say the people sitting around on internet forums, hassling people's looks, are probably just projecting their own insecurity about how they themselves look (or they are just ugly and too egotistical to realise it)

sorry, i'm tired and rambling

Jon said...

Well yeah, I think myspace itself is neat in some ways but the fact is that it's full of brainless teenagers.

And yes, neither thread (nor the forums they come from) are bastions of maturity. The original article was pretty good though.

Joel said...

yes, the article was entertaining :)